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Andy Rans 911 (997) Turbo - Time to move on....

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Bar the not detached bit its just what I am looking for


I have put feelers out with all my architect, mortgage and builder mates for land now. See what comes up in the next 6 months 


I have seen one place that would be a good fit, but its just a bit too far away from work and my daughters school 

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Alpinaman - live and pay into the running of the family expenses at home - it's a substantial amount and more than some rents too! I do also own my own property which is rented out as well. The common consensus is that by renting, you are paying someone elses mortgage, which is of course true. What isn't 'usually' mentioned is the fact that renting allows much more flexibility for those needing or wanting to rent - job security is much less nowadays than it used to be and often it turns out people will move for a new job that's at another part of the country, so it means they can give a months notice and then up and move quickly - no headaches of having to sell a property etc. People are choosing to live alone as well and then there's the aspects of divorces and passing away of relatives which all make for not having a house beneficial in some circumstances. It depends on your viewpoint at the time and if/when things change, some people want a house - family building etc, and some people don't want a house - being able to move quickly when needed.


Overall, the whole property thing is a big part of many people's thinking moving forward as it's a very safe financial aspect and is also an asset which can be passed down to kids. With the cost of living for the UK very very high, it's difficult for most of the population to be able to build something for the future. You could go 'riskier' and perhaps try to make money on stocks/shares, which basically is gambling, and/or perhaps run a business, which is more along what myself and Andy and many others of course like to do. 


House prices I think cannot keep on rising over the mid to long term - around here, due to Crossrail prices have rocketed and it's far beyond stupidly insane - I'm certainly not buying around here (although I'd like to!) and perhaps will look further away from London and the Home Counties when it is time for me to look for something - I want much more 'value for money' not a small 500sq Ft flat for £275000!


Andy, do keep on it, it's insane for property deals out there and I can't imagine it's much different in Kent than around here for when it comes to moving on an offer to acceptance etc - all the nice properties get snapped up instantly - the way around it is to be more assertive with agents......  ;)


Perhaps another topic for this in another subsection ! this was about the 911 which has now gone !


Cheers, Dennis!

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Judging by where it sits in the listings it is between 12 and 13 million.


To give you an idea of the silly prices down here - within five miles of Guildford there are 336 properties currently listed on Rightmove at over £1,000,000, and within 10 miles there are over 1,000.


Stupid stuff.

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One of the few benefits of living in the northeast is the relatively cheap property prices. Whilst we may miss out on the south east salaries I have a 30's built 4 bed detached on a good sized plot with double garage which if I sold now could probably fund a 2 bed flat in Hackney. Horses for courses lol....

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