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Polished Cars...

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Good Evening!


I've been remiss in not putting up some examples of work undertaken


So, for your viewing pleasure (and entertainment in the case of StevenC's poooor 525ix)


So here we go in no particular order:



Iron decontamination prior to wash process



Some swirling...



And corrected (not the bumper)



Better, still bits to do though!



Snowfoam prior to washing on the tech 1



and again



And cleaner



Steven's poorly IX



Required lots of work!



Lots and lots!





But a nice end result


More to follow,


Comments and questions most welcome, apologies for the lower quality of some of the pictures. I have only recently invested in a half-decent camera :)

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Indeed a great result on the 525iX - another coming your way when the mechanicals are sorted....



Sorry I didn't get back to you the other day, I was flat out with other bits and pieces,


Let me know if you want a hand with anything



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Lovin the E30...



Lovely it is :wub:


Thanks Guys! :)


I'm hoping Mike (TPC NE) is going to post some pictures of his Avus Blue E34 M5 touring, its awesome :D

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