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M audio to BSW Stage 1

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I currently have the E39 M5 M audio sound system, and I'm wondering if the package from BSW would make a big difference?

Here is the speakers upgrade : http://www.bavariansoundwerks.com/product/380/174/BMW-Speakers-Upgrade-E39-5-Series-M5/

Here is the subwoofers upgrade : http://www.bavariansoundwerks.com/category/196/0/BMW-Subwoofer-Systems/

Is it really better than the M audio package?

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Looks good. Would be interesting to see if someone has experienced these on cars with M audio DSP

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BSW's products are indeed better than the oem speakers and do give a noticeable upgrade to the sound quality. There's hardly anyone in the UK who has the speakers as BSW don't have a UK distribution channel due to very little demand for their products here. All the posts and reviews etc are on the USA forums which is their main market. Once you factor in shipping charges, Duty and VAT and clearance/handling charges, the two product lines will be around £1100-1200 or so landed at your door in the UK. It's debatable as to if the sound quality increase gained is equivalent to that level of spend. If you then sell off your oem M audio speakers, you'll get some money back which will offset the cost. 


It's up to you really as it depends on what kind of sound quality upgrades you want, the music genre's you listen to as well as ease and cost of fitment and overall pricing etc. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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