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Stretch's 530d Sport Touring. Updated 15/11/17

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Decided my question should go in a different thread rather than cluttering up this one

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Well had a spare day so got round to fitting the double switch panel. Wired up the lighting for now and will start on the new functions shortly





Also after installing the air ride System I lost the spare wheel well to it components which meant the spare had to go up top which bugged me as I like a tidy clean boot. So looked for solutions to this. And here are the results. Space saver wheel and option extendable boot floor. All works and another option ticked off the list






Also stripped this down ready to cover in alcantara




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Decided I fancied a change so sold the acs and took a set of square 65’s in part ex. 

Pretty sure they weren’t staying but were a good price so thought I’d at least try them. They stayed 3 days before I managed to convince the owner of my new rims to part with them. He wanted the 65’s. So a deal was done. So here they are. 3 piece 19” rotiform LHR’s






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