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E60 530d engine tapping noise

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My 2004 E60 530d makes this sound.   Before I bought it the turbo had been rebuilt and the knocking/ticking noise was evident afterwards.  Best suggestion is that due to possible oil starvation when the turbo gave up the ghost it could well be a slightly bent rod or bearing.  All the other usual suspects have been checked and eliminated.   Apart from this, everything else including active cruise control works the very best.


I bought the car for buttons due to this, and have been driving it now for nine months without it getting any worse.  Can't hear it from inside so don't really care although I am under no illusion that it could well let go at any time. However, simple mathmatics tell me that if it lasts a year, I will have been driving a good looking big economical beastie with a mint leather interior for less than £20 quid a week.


Happy Days Indeed.



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When the old thread cames back from the dead (although the solution wasn't  posted).... if anybody stumble  upon this, the tapping sound is mostly  caused by bad/bent valve. If this is a case then whenever  you undo the oil filler cap, you should see a noticeable steam/exhoust smoke coming  out of the crankcase suggesting a blow-by. If you are good enough with a spanner and a socket set, you could remove the valve cover so you could see the camshaft with all the lifters and other stuff, if the valve isn't  seated enough or is damaged/bent causing a blow-by you should see a sludge on the lifter/rocker springs or around the area where the exhoust is entering the crankcase. It will look like a sludge/gunk/soot that you can normaly see at the EGR valve/inlet manifold. If that is the case, you have found the culprit. 

I bought the endoscope off the ebay, it cames handy. Lidl  is selling something  similar  at the moment. You could remove the Inlet manifold and check  the inlet valves, but you couldn't  see the exhoust ones. See attached images, I took them while manifold was up for the cleaning.

The other thing that it could make the sound perhaps is the vacuum pump. 

Run the engine and  remove/move back the one way valve held place by a star type bolt (I think it was size 10) if you do that and the sound isn't  there a vacuum pump is making a all the metallic tapping noise.




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