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M535I Project

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When the car returned from the painters, the new parts were painted in the original colour paint. Now that i have had time to see the work up close, i am very pleased with their work. They really have made a good job, thanks to Classic Barnstormers.



untitled-1020704.jpg.c08705e9843e352daa27617d045df209.jpgIMG_9057.jpg.315a082665d244f17722bf9f91d4134c.jpguntitled-1020703.jpg.06c432e5e208afdf6efdf793346b937d.jpgIMG_9060.jpg.4b419b67cd0c301b7e65260854e07abd.jpg_1020730.thumb.jpg.10427b087f0c7ffe02bc8692ec58f1d1.jpgAll new bonnet trim was fitted and the wash wipe piping was installed.


Because i was unable to get in the boot for a long time, condensation had built up in the wheel well. I had previously blocked the drainage holes with sound proofing. I ripped this out and returned  the boot floor to paint and replaced the sound proofing under the carpet with sound proofing that won't absorb water.


I will return the car to Classic Bahnstormers when i save enough money to finish the paint work and to carry out some small repairs to the rear of the car.


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