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M535I Project

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I thought it was long overdue for a project thread on my car. The progress has been over a couple of years, so i'll bring you up to date,


When i got the car


post-40632-0-42845600-1364286811_thumb.j post-40632-0-27832700-1364286824_thumb.j post-40632-0-22662700-1364286837_thumb.j


. MOT and service, new rear disks and pads

. Replaced all front light components and metal supporting frames. The frames were bent and rusty, the light components brittle and old. Upgraded light bulbs helped with seeing in the dark

. Replaced some of the front lights and covered replacements in Laminx film to protect from future stone chips

. Wash/wipe motors were taken off because they don't work at the moment

. Replaced all rubber fixtures in the engine bay and power coated the air box


. Steering wheel wobble was prevalent, so after wheel balancing, tracking and more research, Upper TCA's were on order and fitted. Problem solved


I named her 'shouty' because a long drive to Bath proved a tad loud.

With some investigation, i had no sound proofing in the rear seats, so some was sourced and fitted


. Gear linkage snapped in half, so all new components were sourced and fitted. Well worth the effort. Tappets were done, but never sound right  

. Took her to BMW for a free check up, to reveal my rear suspension was shot and needed new Bilstein shocks, blimely!!


. Over the coming months all new rear suspension components sourced but not fitted.


. My alternator/power steering belts looked worse for wear, i had a slight wobble in my water pump pulley and wanted to replace all the visible water pipes,which were just old. The bleed screw on the thermostat housing had been sheared off so new thermostat housing/ thermostat was also fitted. So a trip to my friendly, not so near specialist was planned.


. Sorry no photos up till now


. A fuel pipe leak was next on the things to go wrong. So new rubber fuel pipes and pump carrier and components ordered and fitted, problem solved.


. Fog lights were inspected. Not at all surprised they were rusty and failing apart. New ones sourced and covered with clear Laminx film


. The engine now developed an overheating problem. From doing various searches on here, i thought it must be a faulty thermostat or my viscous fan. Parts sourced, but no fitted yet


. While pottering around i found this:


post-40632-0-26234100-1364287008_thumb.j post-40632-0-69705700-1364287023_thumb.j post-40632-0-08645100-1364287041_thumb.j post-40632-0-38856700-1364287057_thumb.j



After several Ooh's and Arhh's i found somewhere really good and several hundred pounds later this was the result


post-40632-0-91585700-1364287271_thumb.j post-40632-0-41590100-1364287296_thumb.j post-40632-0-89608500-1364287328_thumb.j 


While the carpets were out i removed all the old soundproofing and replaced all the old plugs and cover lids. Then to help prevent this happening in the future, i painted 3 coats of Por15 on the interior bodywork. then applied some new soundproofing. The doors were also soundproofed


post-40632-0-61897100-1364292191_thumb.j post-40632-0-06448300-1364292262_thumb.j post-40632-0-18834000-1364292322_thumb.j post-40632-0-23883300-1364292377_thumb.j 


post-40632-0-76689800-1364292445_thumb.j post-40632-0-96047100-1364292524_thumb.j post-40632-0-53313200-1364292607_thumb.j post-40632-0-67227600-1364292685_thumb.j


. Next was the wiring, which was really bad. I removed loads of extra wiring, probably from a previous owner who decided they would butcher the rear partition for bigger speakers and sub woofers



. There was quite a lot of road noise while driving, so all 4 window guides were replaced. Mine were all old and perished. This has also made a huge difference while driving.


. Fussy i know but i like green glass instead of my brown, so these were sourced and replaced. Much better now


. The mouldings around the front and rear screens had shrunk over time, so these were replaced


. Fairly new rear Event tyres were replaced with Pirelli tyres


. MOT time, which failed miserably, lower TCA's, suspension, handbrake etc. Nothing i didn't anticipate, but still a shock


. After a lot of research i found a garage that could work on my car and knows what they are doing, no more than 2 miles away from where the car stayed. He never advertises, so i never knew he was there. He is always busy with Astons, Rolls, Mercs etc etc


. Booked in for to replace my rear suspension


. My old suspension 




. New suspension, new springs power coated


post-40632-0-53552200-1364289316_thumb.j post-40632-0-76190800-1364289350_thumb.j


I liked the original ride height and i seam to be the one driving when my friends go out, so i chose not to go the lowered springs route


. A few months later, changed belts, thermostat, viscous fan, alternator bushes, tappets done properly and reconditioned the starter motor




. Next, Lower TCA's centre drag link, pitman arm etc, basically everything




. While it was there new rubber brake pipes and handbrake shoes




. In recent weeks rear Pirelli tyres moved to the front and new Vredestein Sessanta's replace the ones on the rear


. Front suspension components bought. My front Bilstein shock has seized


. E34 brake upgrade when i get the calipers


. As i stands now


post-40632-0-68218200-1364291404_thumb.j post-40632-0-29393900-1364291516_thumb.j



More pics to follow

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Very nice...really need to get mine sorted :-( <br /><br />Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2<br /><br />

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A few things over the last weeks,


A new expansion tank to replace the tired old one




I painted my headlight supporting frames, but they started to go rusty again. So i had them powder coated instead, which came out perfect.






Next, to tidy up the underside of the bonnet and remove all the old glue from the sound proofing






and the Vredestein Sessanta's





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Nice :)  Will be interested to hear how you get on with the tyres, I will be looking for some new ones for mine sometime as the current rubber is going to ensure a big payday for the missus some time soon :shock:

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Just a small update,



I changed my door locks so they open with one key, it was also detailed, removing the oxidation on the roof and the swirl marks


Changed the power steering filter and fluid, which was a murky brown,



Re-sealed the door weather proofing,


I also had my front and rear anti roll bars powder coated, new brackets also powder coated and new bushes



My rear parcel shelf colour was a faded grey colour, so used some fabric paint and sprayed it black, which came out very well 





This was only after the first pass and it took two small cans to give a rich black colour


As you can see i need my exhaust looking at soon, which is not an M535I example. One of the metal hangers to the rear of the exhaust just fell off





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I have had it up on the ramps and have attempted to clean the underside,


bought a replacement exhaust, which badly needed doing,



bought some very tidy front struts from Tims, thanks Tim and had them powder coated,



sourced some replacement second hand horns for my old ones

                         Old                                                                                         New

post-40632-0-56790300-1377767734_thumb.j             post-40632-0-21149500-1377767864_thumb.j


My valve cover is not the correct one and needs a decent paint job. So a correct example was sourced,(thanks SSkoda).It has been painted but not how i want it so it's being stripped and repainted,



Some E34 M5 front calipers, thanks David Olias, to be stripped and painted, photos later,


and for the mean time a few items to be powder coatedpost-40632-0-44764000-1377768460_thumb.j





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A few more parts have been fitted and replaced:


. The replacement exhaust

. Various parts

. A replacement carpet fitted to replace my torn and sliced one. It has also been dyed black along with the door card carpet.














. The rear seat frame would not secure to the mounting and was rusty anyway, so i sourced a replacement which required the removal of my leather to transplant on the non rusty rear seat frame


. I also have a complete tool set (and the carpet) thanks to Rob, aka Wattsmonkey


I have a non rusty replacement bonnet, which will require painting. Any ideas of how much this might cost ?




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And the resto continues...


After saving and to go travelling for a few months, i returned my attention to my car, Here is my progress so far.


 My wheels needed a refurb and i eventually found someone close to me to do the job,




I decided on polished rims with a darker centre and they came out great. There was a slight buckle in one if the wheels which was repaired and made such a difference when driving




When i came back i charged my battery and she started as if i left her the day before i left.

Both my wings suffered from areas of bubbling under the paint at the bottom which i hoped to get sorted before it got worse. I decided to purchase some new wings instead of getting the old ones repaired. I was told the old ones could be repaired, but will never be as good as new ones. I hate rust.


So the wings were removed, which allowed me to inspect the bumper. My thought process was BMW will eventually stop making parts for these cars, so i would replace/repair stuff while i can. The metal bumper inside the M-tech bumper was predictably rusty so i repaired and treated the rust.

With the bumper and the wings off allowed me to see areas that needed attention


As you can see some TLC needed. I asked body shops near me for advice, whether they could do the work and the consensus was, it was too much trouble , so i looked further afield and to this forum for answers.





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I feel your pain , David , as I have recently had to pull my stripped out 3.6 M5 track car , Sebring Sienna , to bits due to the dreaded rot and our in-house bodyshop really do not fancy the job of putting her right for the money it would make them .


That said , there are many bodyshops / smaller operations that will put that little lot right , so stay postive and take your time .


Glad to see you are still keeping the faith .



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Usual bodyshops don't like working on old/rusty cars, because it's too much hassle and a lot of work, compared to spraying bumpers and wings for new'ish Corsas and Fiestas.


You need to look for restoration type of bodyshops, who deal with older/classic cars - they will charge more, but they know what they're getting into, plus usually the work standards are higher since the owners are more clued about cars/repairs, etc. Try Googling bodyshops in your area or most likely you'll have to travel for a decent place...

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Just some more images before the resto. The front arches were sound except the part of the inner wings that support the bumper brackets




A replacement bonnet was sourced, rust free, 2x new wings, new front apron, battery plate and C-3PO plate in preparation.


After some research i found ClassicBahnstormers from this forum. After a friendly and more importantly non-condescending talk on the phone Stephen reassured me such a resto would not be a problem. Having extensive E28 knowledge knew i had found a company that would treat my car the way i would like it.



Needless to say i am very pleased with the progress so far!!


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Classicbahnstormers said i could take a sneaky peak before the car goes for paint shortly..



A few bubbles below the paint, around the front screen had created corrosion which i am glad was caught now before it became worse.

Three holes were created in the rear screen surround also, which are now being attended to. New sunroof seals fitted.

It is very reassuring to see such dedication and attention to detail from Classicbahnstormers!!

Edited by Semkehead

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