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Bespoke Leathering On Nat Geo's "car Sos"

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We were approached by Renegade pictures as they have been informed that we are known for being able to turn interiors that some say are far beyond repair to interiors that have had life breathed back into them. Working with a brilliant crew has been a great experience, and one that we will most definitely remember. As many of us know to restore a car it helps if you have passion, time and a lot of patience. With the expertise of Fuzz and the crew along with petrol head Tim Shaw “Car SOS†Im sure will make great viewing and Bespoke Leathering should appear in the 5th or 6th episode.
The program starts Thursday 7th February.

With looking after existing customers we couldn’t commit to every project so took the opportunity to show how one interior can be renovated with products we use everyday. These products are the very same that are advertised on this forum.

Like most of us who have watched shows like this that have deadlines ive though "yeh, you have more time" but i can honestly say that on some of the restorations things didn’t go quite to plan.
The only time I will see the episode is when it’s shown, no previews for me.

I was sent this link by Renegade pictures



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Correct, they dont upgrate,just restore.

But with Wheeler Dealers its then sold for a profit......Car SOS doesnt.

With help from family and friends the car is restored wthout the owner knowing

Reminds me of DIY SOS

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