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perculiar intermittent misfire

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2003 525d sport auto, the car sarts and runs lovely........ if i drive it hard and say hit 100mph for a bit and maintain that speed for roughly a mile, as soon as I come to a stop the engine is idling lumpy and with a little rev you can feel the car shake like its firing on 5 cyls, after roughly 2k revs it clears and revs from 2k onwards fine, as soon as I let the revs drop to idle its lumpy again.

Once left for a few hours and restarted all is back to normal until i next use the kick down and maintain a high speed.

Any ideas? I have INPA but have not used it properly yet so would need guidance on how to work it. no lights have been brought on the dash etc

Seems like a sticky injector but just want to see if anyone else has had similar symptoms and what the issue was (if different to my diagnosis)

Was on my way back from xmas break in germany and hit speeds of 100mph+ on the autobahn, this was not in the UK!!

thanks in advance

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Maybe see my thread from yesterday - might help?

From memory, the screen-shots I show are from Engine - (Engine model - M57 in my case) - F6 for "readings"(?) - then F4 or F5 for a page of analogue readings that show the injector values.

On tickover, my numbers are variable with cylinder 4 definitely not in the same ball park as the others, but applying load (revs) they all settle out at 0

So "lumpy idle" seems to be the key here.

Good luck!

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