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buying and installing new PDC parking control sensor- front or rear=e60-benefit all

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buying and installing new PDC parking control sensor-e60-benefit all

ok fault on my PDC sytem intermittanly,but its now on all time,fault on idrive(PDC fault),

its my N/S rear pdc sensor on rear bumper,as all rest are clicking when working ecept it,

(put your ear close to sensor to hear faint clicking) good way to diagnos

anyways gona buy one of ebay probally 2nd ahnd in around £30-£40

im told pdc sensors from another car fits e60 also (is it some sorta volvo or vectra or what )

can anyone confirm,as probaly cheaper to buy of another car

also i belive its a bumper off job to replace sensor,am i correct

hope this helps

any help appriciated


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Yep its bumper off job.....easy enough really, just changed 2 of my sensors on my e39......and as for the price, you will get a new one for £30 off ebay....i needed 2 and got em for £50 for the 2 with free post

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