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Hello from prospective 535d owner

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I am new here. I was a BMW owner for many years until about two years ago when we decided to become a 1 car family (after my daughter was born) and stupidly sold my BMW and kept the wifes Audi.

I have had mainly 3 series with my last car being an E46 330i M Sport. I had a short stint as an X5 owner with the 4.6is and although it had awesome power and sound to die for it wasn't the most reliable car.

So after a lot of research I am looking to get an E60 535d M Sport with the intention of getting it remapped. I have not owned a diesel BMW before (although we have some in the family). I will miss the sound of the straight 6 petrol but the 535d seems to make a lot of overall sense with plenty of power, reasonable fuel economy and enough space for the family.

I intend to search the forum's here for info on the 535d but any advice would be appreciated.

This is the spec I am looking for although I think I will have to make some compromises:


Beige interior with dark wood trim

19" spider wheels (non runflats)

Prof. Sat Nav

Heated Seats

Comfort Seats (these would be great, my brother has them in his 7 series but they are not common i the 5 Series)

If anyone can recommend places for me to look for a car other then Auto Trader and eBay I would be grateful.

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Hi, Iv recently purchased an e60 530d M Sport 218 bhp and it has awesome power and a comfatable ride im very pleased with it so if your after the 535d M Sport you wont be disappointed as it has a lot more power. I also wanted a 535 but i didn't find one with reasonable mileage. Iv been thinking about re-map but im going to enjoy the power i got as its great and once i had time to get used to it then i will probably get it re-map. I found mine on Auto Trader but you can also try Trivot Cars and Piston Heads. Well good luck with your search. 8)

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