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New arrival **Imola Red Leather**

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Bespoke Leathering are happy to announce that a number of Imola red hides have been specifically made for us by the first tier suppliers to BMW/Rolls Royce for all there leather.

As owners of Imola red interior may or may not know, finding a suitable aftermarket leather match to Imola red leather is very hard to find.

Im not just on about the colour, it?s also the grain. Im my experience, finding the grain AND colour for a leather match is impossible.

Imola red leather, like all M3 leather is Nappa and aftermarket leathers which try to imitate the colour and grain are not Nappa. Smooth grain leather does necessarily mean its Nappa.

I contact my supplier some time ago about this colour and they advised me that it is no longer a stock item. So after some consolation and being advised that in my opinion UK suppliers are unable to supply quality Imola red Nappa leather, they agreed to produce hides for us.

Where is the best place to get your Imola red leather, from the company who produced it when it was first launched!

John :D

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