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'95 e34 520i se

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Gave the car a quick wash today so got the camera out. I've never really posted much on my car so thought it about time.

To start with, The end of last year, every time the wife used the car for work it would end up with more and more scratches in the paintwork. Eventually after speaking to security and viewing the cctv, we found that it was a work colleague of hers that was a ford enthusiast and had a hatred for bmw's, and was upset that the wife had recently scrapped an old ford mondeo, yep, there really are some numpties out there! A pic of some of the damage he did...


Sainsburys car park, whoever hit the car didn't hang around...


This time, tesco car park. Slight front grill damage and the high beam lens mounting has been broken and caused the light to be loose (sorry about the picture quality)...


Already broken when i bought it, so i simply taped it up to get through an mot, but obviously need to replace it...


New seats courtesy of rumrunner :D ...


& finally some general pics....





I want to change the wood inside the car but need a black centre console bit for an auto and the gearknob, anyone got one?



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