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Leather/vinly Cleaner And Conditioner

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Hi all,

Please note; If your interior or an interior you brought is really dirty then you might need two of each, depends on how bad it is, as you can imagine some interiors would need a lot of work to rejuvenate them.

If not ordered through the forum then there will be no discount

GT12 Cleaner 250ml £6.60 Delivered


"Gentle" Cleaner. Cleans even the most fragile leather, uses no water or harsh chemicals, apply neat(or you may want to water it down),agitate with a soft nail brush, wipe off, prevents leather shrinking, protects and lubricates stitching

GT11 Conditioner 250ml £7.60 Delivered


"Original" for car upholstery, its applied simply by rubbing in with a soft cloth, and seats can be used after a few minutes, it allows leather to breathe and leaves your leather smelling of the original leather aroma.



£11.95 Delivered (UK Only)

Cleaners can also be used to clean vinyl and plastics, this is especially useful when you have a light grey interior with matching plastics





If your thinking of dying your leather, then the cleaning (preparation) is very important.

These seats are from a customer who, being retired spent every Sunday cleaning his car inside and out.

BMW leather when new or correctly cleaned is MATT, therefore absorbs light, when its shiny it reflects the light and also shows up the grime adhered to it. Also, shiny leather shows that the breathing capability of the leather is impaired and over time this will lead to the drying out and cracking.

Light regular cleaning and conditioning will prevent this.



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