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Introducing Bespoke Leathering Ltd

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Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce myself; i am John (Also known as Sleeper throughout various forums)

Bespoke Leathering is a small business which was born out of the enthusiasm for BMW’s.

After working for Rolls Royce for a number of years in the leather trim department on the Phantom i turned my attention to leathering my car at the time and one which i still have, e36 convertible.

I’ve always thought there is more to interiors than seats and door cards. With the addition of my leather supplier being a first tier supplier to Rolls Royce and BMW I’m able to get hold of allot of current colours from there range and as the quality of the leather is consistently high, this enables me to cover the most of intricate interior parts and give a good quality and aesthetic finish which you would expect from Nappa and Calf Nappa Leather.

In addition to leathering, I’m able to offer a wide range of leather dyes.

Bespoke Leathering has been working with Gliptone for the last 6 years, supplying them with leather samples to match dyes too, giving us one of the largest ranges of bmw leather dyes in the world.

Air fresheners, leather cleaners and conditioners, full renovation kits are also available.

These are not just products that we supply but use daily, giving us a better insight and understanding of the applications and limitations and I’ve got to say these dyes will be able to correct 99% of interior wear.

Over the coming months i will advertise the range of products and services available.

At the moment our web site (bespokeleathering.com) is undergoing a lot of background changes which will hopefully be finished in the next few months, once this is done it will be a lot easier to host pictures needed for advertising on the forum.

So to start with i will be advertising interior dye and care products and slowly introducing others at a later stage, but if you have any questions please feel free to post up or PM me and you can also contact me at:


I may not be able to responce straight away but ill try to answer every enquirie within 24hours

Speak soon...John

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Great to have you on board John. Had a peek at your website and have to say you do great work! 8)

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Welcome aboard Sleeper :wink:

Ive had a few items done in the past by John, namely 2 steering wheels an armrest and handbrake and gear gaitors.

The work has always been 1st class and John communications with me has been 1st class at all times.

Great addition to the site :D

Few pics of Sleepers work on the steering wheels, sure he wont mind :wink:

Steering wheel retrimmed in Black Leather 2 layers to make it thicker with Grey stitching



Steering Wheel on my old E36 retrimmed in Black Leather 2 layers to make it thicker with ///M Coloured stitching


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Hi :D

Hello jerry!...ill have to change the file name from 318 to 528 now...lol

got one of your wheels on the site and just borrowed the picutres of the grey thread as the ones i took didnt turn out very well!.

Cheers for the comments :D

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John have a look on Boxanet as well (I think they were that lol) to see if you can advertise on there.

I'll pass your name around mate.


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Hi John,

Fantastic to see you here on BMW5 - welcome indeed!

I had a chat with you at Trax 2009 and a brief update at Gaydon 2010 and have been meaning to give you a call over the last couple months - just haven't gotten around to it, so I'll drop you a line via PM shortly :) as I do have some elements I'd like your opinion and knowledge on !

Whenever I've had enquiries about re-trims and leather interiors, I've very often pointed them in your direction, so I hope that at least some of them have resulted in sales for you!

Just a few pictures I took at BMW Festival;




Will be in touch very soon !

Cheers, Dennis!

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cheers bigpow ive had a quick look and will register when we reopen and have a good look around.

Hi Dennis, nice picutres!. The car belongs to neil and has got to be one of the cleanest i have ever see. Really looks after that car he does

drop me a message whenever your reay.

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