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Ultimate BMW @ Santa Pod

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were loaded up and ready to go a whole day early! somethings gotta go wrong


We have around 60 dishy wheels loaded up with tyres ready to shread for everyones enjoyment!

Cant wait Skids AHOY!

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1. Splondike Confirmed

2. Scruffy

3. Sepia Confirmed

4. Jam172 Confirmed

5. Maca Confirmed (other wise your not eating )

6. Rumrunner Confirmed

7. PiersM5 Confirmed (2 cars)

8. Conan Confirmed

9. Steve Taylor Confirmed

10. Geeza

11. minicooper172 Confirmed

12. m3530dsport Confirmed

13. Oldschooldaddy Confirmed

14. Dan-Arm Confirmed (again if not no food )

15. GaryN Confirmed

16. Dappa

17. Sport5

18. Dan. Confirmed

19. flateric Confirmed

20. Quagmire Confirmed

21. Mad-dog Confirmed

22. robzilla( is it ok for me to be in the X5 though?) - YES ! Confirmed

23. DennisCoooper ! Confirmed

24. bigjay ©

25. thebishop ©

26. Mark Confirmed

27. Davidmartin9181 Confirmed

28. ross84 Confirmed

29. CrysAk Confirmed

30. minio

31. BM0p700f

32. M535man

33. Weeeman Confirmed (no pass yet though, but my 530 with three of us are comin)


35. Rob (Mate of Dan & Maca's, Nice 330i) Confirmed

36. David Confimred

37. Hamid Confirmed

38. Hamid's Brother Confirmed

39. jantomek Confirmed

40. Robbo Confirmed

41. AndyB - ticket bought - Mark you should have my address

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I've got my tickets for the weekend. But I'm not sure at the moment which car I will be taking........

Because I booked weekend tickets I would like to take my touring and kip in the back, but I was unable to get my back windows tinted in time for the show. So no peeping lol! :lol:

I've never been to the 'pod' before so everything is a new experience to me.

I've been to Gaydon twice now since 2007, I was there last month with my green 328i convertible. But because the car club placed us literally anywhere I ended up parked amonst the BMW Car Club South Wales lot and I didn't know any of them lol!

In fact I spent all day at the show and I only came across 3 people that I'd met at the Humber Bridge meet and Cadwell Park. Still, it was a good day out, shame the food weren't up to scratch tho'.

I ordered a bacon buttie and I like my bacon welldone but it looked as though it had just been sliced off the pig...........ugh!!

Despite the fact that I don't know many of you I am still looking forward to going and i'll be in either my 530i Sport Touring (FL53OBZ) or my 328i Convertible (LIW8613)

Look forward to seeing you there. :D

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Can anyone who has not received a pass by tomorrow drop me a pm, I have a few spares (around 5) so I can meet them at the gate and give them a pass, I will provide my mobile number (if I have it back...long story!). :roll:

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Got my pass from Mark (thank you), got my BBQ ticket from Paul (thank you) but did not get the discounted tickets so will buy on the day as still not sure if mrs and children are coming with me

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Well the BBQ is all set. We have in total around 70 (some from other forums, traders, visiter's and so on)people to feed so should be a fun day and social day 8) One of the guys helping us should be along in his 360 which will be on the stand also.

I've sent some raffle tickets out, so those that have them please make sure you bring them and swap them for your stamp, every one else once you see me and or Dan at the BBQ please make your self known so I can tick you from the list and give you a stamp.

The plan is to have the BBQ on from about 9 / 9.30 to 10.30 / 11ish for breakfast which will be Bacon and or Sasuage rolls and a soft drink for those that want them that early. Then the BBQ will go back on for lunch at about 12.30 / 1ish for lunch which will be Burgers / Sasuage buns and maybe even a bit of chicken plus drinks. There will also be sauce's and cheese.

Should be a good social event.

See you all there.

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Looking forward to it Paul, I would like to say thanks to you and the guys who have been sorting this out. I have some charcoal in the garage that I no longer need so I will bring that with me so that it does not go to waste.

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Pass recieved thanks Mark! :wink:

I'm gonna have to leave the cleaning of the car till the morning as I've been roped into taking the kids to Thorpe Park today to make up for my day away from the family tomorrow which is normally a family day!

So if you all see a E39 530d Sport in dark sterling silver looking like it needs a quick polish....come and lend a hand...I#ll be the one with the Zymol out!!!!!! :mrgreen:

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I'm hoping to make it still, but if I don't 2 mates should be there on the stand, one with a silver 840 and the other with an estoril blue m3 vert...

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I spent so much time today working one my other E28 that I did even have time to wash mine. Ah well it will have to do as it is.

Got the stand pass and the BBQ ticket so I am all set.

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