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e39 headunit circular pin to straight pin adaptor

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My e39 standard cassette headunit went kaputt so I went to scrappie and bought a replacement headunit, however the pins on the replacement unit are circular pins and the connectors on my car are straight pins, unfortunately I can't get a refund on the stereo so is it possible to get an adaptor to fit or not?

Thanks in advance.

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Dealers sell them for exchanging older round pin radios for newer flat pin versions.

You'll probably need :

61.12-6 913 957 - Round Pin to Flat Pin Main Radio Adapter

This is the main harness plug for your radio. Your car's original radio has a main plug (with round pins) and two 10-pin audio input cables that integrate with the main harness plug. The new radio you have has a flat-pin main harness with two 12-pin audio input plugs that integrate with the new main harness.

61.12-6 924 785 - 10-pin to 12-pin radio audio input adapter

This converts the original 10-pin audio input plugs for your original radio into the 12-pin plugs that the new radio expects. You'll probably need 2 of these.

61.12-6 913 955 - New Gen Radio Antenna Adapter

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