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Removing a CCC headunit

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hi guys

can any one help, i need to removing the CCC unit because i believe i have a loose wire that keeps on disconnecting the LHS speakers, but when i tap the mid console they must get reconnect and begin to work again.

Any help would be appreciated

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removed the CCC very easy to do:

1. remove the trim on dash board working from the passenger side to drive using a credit card, something similar. these are just clipped in, BUT DO A LITTLE AT A TIME. (EXPENSIVE TO REPLACE IF BROKEN)

2. once removed it will all come out with the air vents, unplug the air vents and remove whole unit

3. undo the 2 screws on the console that is exposed. (phillips screw)

4. hold the front face on the CCC and the climate control and gentle pull towards you, the climate control, the 2 CD slots, and the panel where you have the PCD and DTC buttons are all one piece so be carefull not to snap them.

5. carefully remove all the wires that connect the Climate contol panel and the PCD and DTC controls

6. once this is removed the silver CCC unit will be exposed and the is held in by 4 phillips screw, unscrew these and the unit comes out.


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