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To all new members - please read

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Welcome to BMW5.co.uk :D

Please use this area to introduce yourself giving as much or little detail as you are comfortable with.

The forum thrives on pictures so any you have of your car(s), even non BMW's, are most welcome - it will save people shamelessly begging for them ;)

If you want to ask anything else, be it a problem or upgrade advice please use the appropriate section and don't post it here. We have model specific tech areas and generic upgrade areas.

There's two things I'd also like to ask:

1) Please have a flip through the rules and FAQ's section. There's a load of stuff there on how to properly post links, how to host pictures plus useful links etc etc.

2) Please have a good look at the board index to see what sections we have and get a feel of what goes where - it saves my fellow moderators and I moving topics into different areas ;)

And last but not leaset....


As you will see gold members have their name in gold (Orange is the closest we could get lol). This will entitle you to %10 discounts at some well know retailers, your own forum section, a bmw forum sticker for your rear window and help towards the running of the forum server.

All this for the £10 / year. For further details click the gold block at the top right hand corner on the main index page


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