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My brake judder is back :((((

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Hi All


Some of you may remember my woes from this thread... It does read like a tale of woe.. and I did think it was all over but no...



The brake judder is back.. I make an informed guess (based on the saga of the last year) that the discs are yet again warped.... That's less that 2 months, less than 1000 miles..


Ironically the car wen In for its 3 year warranty check, 1st MOT and brake fluid service today.  It was only driving home that I sensed things were not right. I drove back along the A road home 60-70 for about 15 mins and I pulled her up hard and then could feel the judder at the 50--40 mph mark. I then did the test that I did before and feathered the brakes with my left foot whilst applying the throttle.. Not for long and not hard, just enough to get contact with the discs at a constant speed.. The judder was there. I got home and checked the heat on the discs and I couldn't touch the discs. The alloys around the hub were warmish.


I've had three sets of discs on the car now, 2 within the past year and within 9000 miles. Something isn't right. I've checked so many things (as per the linked thread) and now this is doing my head in.


The car is booked back in on the 28th where I have told them that I don't want it back until the root cause is diagnosed... they blamed the last time on material failure... I didn't believe them either but it was the 19th of December and I was just glad to get the care back!!


What to the brains of the board think it could be? Could it be the alloy wheels? Again, I checked these last time and have the photos to back it up. I need to try and give BMW something to go on if possible.





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3 hours ago, AndyM said:

Warped discs are not mis-shapen, the name is bad. Warped actually means that there are uneven deposits of pad material over the surface of the disc 




It sounds like your discs are running too hot.


Are the vents in the lower front bumper clear?  There are ducts to channel air to the front discs to cool them.


What size are your discs?  The reason I ask is that some are rotation specific.  The cooling fins are designed to rotate in a specific direction which will shed warm air away from them, there are arrows etched into the disc to show the direction of rotation.  If your vents are blocked or your discs are on the wrong way then they won't cool and will give the impression or a warped disc as explained by AndyM.

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The conversation on another thread on here talked about over tightening wheel bolts and a method of tightening is to use a torque stick.



Not knowing much about torque sticks, I watched this video on YouTube which explains how an over tightened alloy wheel can "warp" discs. 



Although if you have had your discs done bu BMW I doubt they will have over tightened anything, but it's a possibility......

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I've got a F10 on a 62 plate had exactly the same problems...changed 3 sets of discs (front) in as many months....the problem was that the I needed NEW CALIPERS...once fitted the problem was solved, I'm now a happy chappy

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