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Farewell and thanks

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2 hours ago, Dakota said:

Petrol Andy, I'm done with diesel!  As smooth as a 6 cylinder BMW, though without the creamy noise.



Petrol, well done my man. The 4 pot petrol engines these days are quite nice and smooth whizzy things.


40 minutes ago, sjak92 said:

Umm not to be a shit stirrer but isn’t the 0-60 time of the 1.4 Superb and the 518d like almost identical? Surely given that the diesel has more torque it was also more confident at accelerating at speed?


Yeah but it won't sound like a cement mixer full of spanners.;)

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Congratulations on a new car! Enjoy!

Friend of mine has a Superb SE, diesel, manual and it is a fantastic car, I found it being quite, very torque and actually very economical. I was too at some point looking at these but at that moment the money they were worse (4x4, DSG, 190bhp and very well speeced) it would be a BMW territory.

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22 hours ago, 535i Andrew said:


Very nice, but I'm going to say I prefer your wife's colour choice.



So do I!  But two silver Superbs would have just made us those 'weird neighbours'. 

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