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Moved on to a Lexus GS250.....thanks for the help re my E60

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Hi Guys


Just to say thanks for the help regarding a few E60 issues I've had down the years. Overall it was a decent servant albeit with a few expensive and difficult to resolve gremlins. Coming from a Honda Accord background I was warned that 5 series ownership may come as a bit of a shock when it came to maintenance and repairs! I guess this was true in places. However it was a lovely, comfortable car that I enjoyed owning in the main. Those who travelled in it were very complimentary about the low levels of noise and general ambience. 


So onto the new and decided on a GS 250. Is a 2012 plate but only 25k on the clock with a FSH. Hope it provides hassle free motoring bar wear and tear items. Very highly rated car especially stateside. Was tempted by a Hybrid but they do cost quite a bit and my mileage is fairly low to be honest. Preferred the tried and tested 2.5L straight six that has been in production since 2004 with a few minor enhancements. Does sound a bit 'ticky' when cold due to injector noise but that's how they all come and is perfectly healthy. Will be interesting to see how it compares MPG wise to the BMW 2.5 unit as fitted into my 2009 523i model. Gut feeling is it will be a tad more juicy. 


Thanks again. 













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Looks nice that Adam,i,ve been scanning the classifieds for my next car and the Lexus GS300 is quite high on my list.

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