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Mercasol - Waxoyl - Dinitrol?

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Hi all

        I hope your all getting ready to have a nice Christmas with your loved ones. I have been packing the wagon and fitting the roof box as Im taking the family to Amsterdam to spend the Christmas week there.

 Recent expenses have included a new starter motor and ignition switch as well as stone chip repair and respray of the bonnet and a car park trolly dent on the drivers door.


During the work at the bodyshop the guys mentioned the underside of my wagon was immaculate and I might consider getting some rust prevention treatment in early to keep it in said condition as currently

its completely untreated as Im led to believe is par for the course for Japanese imports.


Iv'e done fair bit of reading and research on the matter but Im no closer to making a decision on which product to choose. 

Back in my mk1 Lotus Cortina days we used to get an old oil can fill it up with waxoyl and soak everything with a D.I.Y spray gun, obviously things have moved on a tad since then and I'd like to get it done professionally once

I decide on the best product.


I have had quotes of around £500 to do the entire underside of the car including removal of all undertrays and cleaning and preparations  and that price is pretty much the same with either Mercasol, Waxoyl or Dinitrol.

 Deferring to the considerable knowledge base here I would like to ask is it a case of there not being much to choose from between the three products ? or perhaps one might be better for all year round use?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.



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I have been looking in to this quite a lot lately now for my e39 but for my mk2 fiesta xr2 which I'm currently restoring. 

After a lot of reading I'm going to use the Upol raptor stuff Link, I plan to use the epoxy primer then the over coat.

Just another one to throw in there with the likes of dinitrol, wax oil and the likes.


Have a good Christmas buddy

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