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Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

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Hi everyone,


I'm pleased to announce the first custom manufactured solution from Innovadrive for BMW E39 owners!


The BMW E39 5 series OEM audio systems and packages have become outdated in recent years due to the fast paced nature of the car audio and electronics industry. Many owners have faced the dilemma of wanting to upgrade their cars to have the latest audio and safety features, but have been reluctant to lose the aesthetics within the dashboard. This issue has now been resolved with a new solution which combines the best of both worlds - the very latest technology and an OEM look !


The Innovadrive NXG-39 is a combination fascia and fitting kit allowing a double DIN head unit to be installed whilst maintaining the design aesthetic of the sought after OEM 16:9 monitor fitted to some E39's optioned at the factory. 


Features & Highlights

* Combined fascia & fitting kit - Designed primarily for the latest generation of shallow depth head units the NXG-39 is a single piece solution. No extra fitting kits are required to be purchased and installed, additionally, the existing mounting holes in the dash pieces are utilized to securely mount it. The fitting process reqires a modest level of technical knowledge in order remove/refit the car's cabin trim and to make mounting holes on the fascia's inner mounting panels. The locations of those holes would be determined by whichever head unit is chosen.


* Design - Close resemblance to the OEM button and rotary knob sizing, shape and press feel to match the OEM 16:9 monitor. The rest of the design has been proportionally altered whilst cleverly maintaining OEM styling and aesthetics to suit the fitment of a larger double DIN head unit. Dimmable backlighting when connected to the cars loom is integrated along with a close resemblence to the car's original dash backlight colour. The laser etching for the characters and symbols is extremely precise as would be expected at this level of quality. The full cycle of design, CAD modeling, prototyping, manufacturing and finishing has all been in partnership with UK based automotive manufacturing specialists. Innovadrive's close involvement with each of these stages maintains very high quality standards and are similarly trusted by some of the worlds most famous marques such as Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce etc.


* Strength & Resilience - An over engineered design results in an extremely sturdy item using the correct automotive grade materials and components throughout. Japanese (Matsushita) soft press buttons and LED's are specified for the PCB and the overall design of the electronics components. The fascia's strength is derived using CAD modeling where the best levels of strength were acheived for the entire piece taking into account technical characteristics of the actual material and moulding process. 


* Automotive grade finishing - The specific automotive interior paint used to give a very high quality and robust finish has a light texture feel to it and is found in some of the worlds finest automobile manufacturers vehicles. Technical characteristics include excellent levels of UV, temperature and humidity resistance along with common contaminants often found in cars from different climates around the globe. 


* Future development - A 'phase' 2 which is currently in initial stages of R&D - the button symbols and characters can be changed to custom choices as the PCB can recognise which button has been pressed. A separate control/interface unit can interpret those and can then subsequently be used to control other aftermarket products/features such as, heated seats, massaging seats, air ride controllers, TPMS systems etc. The development process will also evaluate the potential to relocate the OEM ASC, DSC, Sport, Window Blind switches.


Price: £239 inc UK delivery. Please get in touch if your location is in a higher delivery charge location or international for a customised shipping quote.


LAUNCH OFFER - 15% off for the first five BMW5 Gold Members ! (Please reply below to this thread with your name)



NXG-39 & Parrot Asteroid Smart installed in my own car




NXG-39 & Alpine iLX-700 installed in an M5




* Q - Can I fit a standard depth double DIN head unit? A - Absolutely! Just the modification to the cars airbox to make the space needed for the extra depth of the head unit is required to be done. Due to the strength of the NXG-39 design, there's no extra expense to get a fitting kit to hold the deeper head unit in place. 

* Q - What do the buttons do? A - The buttons and rotary knob detail are for aesthetic purposes in order to give as best an OEM look to the fascia as possible. The minimum design specification was to have the buttons as backlit, dimmable and pressable. Future development and options means that the button caps can be swapped and the PCB connected to an interface unit to which specific aftermarket products can be connected and controlled. Innovadrive is currently developing these elements!

* Q - Can I fit my own screen panel and make use of the buttons the way I want? A - Definitely! with the NXG-39, you can choose which hardware you'd like to fit giving flexibility to any personal projects you may have in mind. 

* Q - Why aren't there any fixing holes on the inner panels? A - Due to the myriad of head units, screens and other modular displays available and their differing fixing mount locations too many pre-made holes would need to be incorporated into those fixing panels. 

* Q - Is the material easily drillable to make holes when installing? A - Yes, using a good sharp drill bit means only modest pressure and spin speed is needed when using a small drill.

* Q - When I switch the car lights on but the head unit is off, do the buttons illuminate? A - Yes! When connected to the correct panel illumination wire in the cars wiring loom. The intensity can also be varied by using the car's dimming wheel.




Cheers, Dennis!

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21 hours ago, adamhearn said:

 I thought it’d be expensive but you’ve even exceeded my expectation. I’m sure you’ll sell some but not to me :rolleyes:


I've bought several different fascia types for my E39. Some costing almost £100. They don't have the OEM design of the BMW version, or the added electronic for back lighting. I'd say the price is very good for those wanting to retain OE looks with an aftermarket headunit.


It solves a problem as it's the only one available. The rest just don't look right in the E39 with all the blank plastic.


After months of searching for a OE style fascia this is the answer to my issue.

Edited by stu08

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Adamhearn - Pricing is always something which needs careful consideration. To give you some context, there's other E39 specific fascia's which vary in price from £25 or so to around £160'ish. As Stu mentions above, none have any buttons/illumination for a much closer OEM look and you'd need to fabricate your own secure fitting solution. Some are oddly shaped and a little flimsy, the most expensive one requiring the cutting of the airbox to fit the mounting bracket. If a car audio shop needs to do that, then you'd be looking at perhaps 2/3 hours of labour charges on top. The NX-G39 I've designed to include the fitting solution for both traditional depth Double DIN and the latest shallow depth ones, there's nothing separate to fabricate/buy and you potentially save on any labour costs if professional fitting is needed as I'd say an hours worth of time is what would be charged. There's a few similar solutions for other brand and specific cars , one for an Audi TT which has no electronics/illumination for £349. I wish you good luck with your audio upgrade plan if it's my solution or any of the other existing ones that you go with. 


Dan101 - There's two internal panels which are blank and leave perhaps 5-7mm gap to the head unit chassis. Given there's different head units out there which all have multiple screw holes, it's not feasible for me to have many holes drilled at manufacture. By looking at the head unit chosen to be used and test fitting, it can be determining where on the panel holes can be drilled to match the mounting holes on the head unit chassis. Some Hex head screws/bolts can be then used to securely fix the head unit in place. Some pics below;






DIY fitting ease was integral to my design and I'd say a modest level of DIY competence is needed. The head unit is first affixed to the NX-G39 and then the complete package installed into the car's dash. 


Stu08 - I have all the same unit's you purchased as well !  Will try to modify them to re-purpose them somehow !


Cheers, Dennis!

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Dennis. I have been watching your development of this with fascination since we spoke about this some time ago. 


I am so so pleased that this has finally been realised and all your exceptional hard work has paid off. Very impressive and very well priced. 


All the best. 




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Hi Oberlointment,


Thank you for your kind words there!


I wanted to develop a solution that is high quality and to OEM specification levels after seeing the poor quality/design existing solutions for the E39. It has been challenging at time for various aspects, but I'm very happy to have overcome them in order to keep the quality levels how I envisioned them!


Once more, I really appreciate your compliment!


Cheers, Dennis!

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