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FS: Staggered 18" Style 32s from E38 £350

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Testing the water here because I am not sure what to do with them as I have wheels coming out my ears ! However if the price is met they can go


Staggered 18" Style 32s form a 750i E38.. all refurbed and immaculate .. one very small mark which I have shown but its hardly noticeable


Wont fit E39 without getting the centres enlarged but straight fit back onto an E38 or E34 etc and they do look mega on an E34 tho :) 


Tyres are all E38 sizes .. I will check treads for anyone who might want them for a 7

£350 wheels are in Fife ( Courier could be arranged )









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Shame you’re so far away or id try some cash in your hand, they’d go great on my 750. What are the tyres like out of interest? 

Also what size/profile?

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Hmm, that’s a shame. I have the exact same wheels on it at the minute, with barely legal tyres and they’re need refurbishment as well so had your tyres been half about then your set would of been ideal all round. 


Its a bit of an extravagance to buy new tyres and refurbish the wheels as I bet it hasn’t done 20 miles this year so unfortunately not too high on my priority list just yet. 

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