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Pinout diagram of iPod Changer

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I've picked up an official BMW iPod controller that would replace the CD Changer.  However, the pre-installation wiring has been hacked, and the power plug chopped off (the MOST optical leads are fine), so I don't know where the positive and negative power leads go vis a vis the Controller.  I have a replacement power plug and cables to hand, but just need to connect them in the correct place.  Can anybody advise the pinouts of the controller or take a photo of the power plug and leads in situ so I can reconnect things?




(Yes, car is already coded for iPod/MP3 playback)

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10 hours ago, Rosie said:

They were designed so the plug for the CD Changer is a direct plug in.

so Pin 1 is RT/VI terminal 30 from Fuse 38 and Pin 2 is BR - earth/negative.


Brill, thank you

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