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correct lubricant 518i manual steering box

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Greetings from across the pond,


As title suggests, am looking for what the service manual directs for the lubricant for the manual steering box for an E28 series 518i vehicle.

Reason, I am having just such a steering box serviced for installation in my 1987 528e, replacing the hydro assisted power steering and the associated sources of leaks (hoses), reservoir, hydraulic pump, etc.


Have searched this fine website and myE28.com here in the states with no success.  Imagine that the correct lubricant is either a GL-4 80/90 weight oil or some type of gear grease.


Thank you all for your consideration and patience with this request for assistance and information.



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I think that non PAS was standard on the 518 (non i). According to the diagram above in handbooks 1st and 2nd edition (for the 518) PAS was an option extra. It was standard on the 518i. 

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