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Do I need a double DIN cage to fit a double DIN headunit?

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Good afternoon all,


Potentially silly question. My Kenwood DMX7018DABS came with a cage. Unfortunately said cage has been broken and cannot be used. I can't find a replacement one to buy online. I have purchased the Connects2 CT24BM08 fascia which comes with a frame and what appears to be two side plates. 


My question is, can I fit the double DIN unit using the connects2 fascia without a cage, or do I still need to buy another cage. 


Thanks for any help. 



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Hi Stu,


I did reply to your question on the facia on my post, you may not have seen it............


This is the facia one that I bought in the end...



I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out better than I thought. The alpine unit is really light, I simply attached the facia to the stereo and pushed into the hole, its really tight and a snug fit. It is simply wedged in place, I have had it there for 8 months now and no signs of moving.



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