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Test and repair of E39 M5 DME ECU

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Can anyone advise whether they have found an ECU test & repair provider in the UK that has successfully tested and repaired DME ECUs for e39 m5. Specifically Siemens ECU, part no. 5wk9317. 

My local BMW independent specialist has conducted a fault code check on the car as part of a recent service, which identified 10 faults that couldn't be cleared. Engine emission warning light permanently on.

They recommended that the DME ECU is sent to a test & repair specialist.

I have contacted a couple of places in the UK and am not getting a positive response that they have experience with this ECU and specific variant, and have a track record of successful repair / resolution.

The local BMW independent specialist has told me that the engine emission warning light being on will now be an MoT failure irrespective of whether emissions test is OK. Is this true - sounds like BS to me.

Any advise appreciated.

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What are the codes? If it’s emissions it could be the secondary air pump or carbon build up in the ports. And the codes won’t delete until the problem is solved.

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