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1 hour ago, Seesure said:

Many of the issues we see are primarily due to the lack of visible policing of the roads....


Binary enforcement of speed limits using cameras of covers 1 element of driving and has nothing to do with road craft.


Exactly.  I've always said that you can drive safely whilst exceeding the speed limit, and equally you can drive dangerously whilst driving below the speed limit. But it's easier and cheaper to just stick a camera up and watch the cash come rolling in.



1 hour ago, Seesure said:

Also since when has it become de rigueur to drive along Motorways and dual carriageways with full beam on all the time...? The amount of people that do this is incredible - selfish ***s 


This is something I've never understood. In my job I often have to drive a van to Acton in the early hours and you see it every time. You shouldn't need main beam on a motorway full stop, it's a long straight road with no bends ffs.

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