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E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

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It's been at least a week since we had a thread on this, right? :D


So I'm looking to replace the clutch and flywheel on the M5 and there seems to be such a variety of prices and options it's making my head hurt!


From what I understand, the OEM BMW and Sachs units are all made by LUK, which seem to be available from a variety of sources. Good ol' eBay has the following, which seems about right price-wise from what I've seen:




...but there's also this listed, for over 300 quid less from an eBay store claiming to be Euro Car Parts:



Trouble is, if you go to the ECP website the combined cost of clutch + flywheel is over £1k (or about 900 quid on CP4L), so the second link above looks too good to be true, despite claiming to be LUK components...


Before I make a potentially expensive mistake, has anyone purchased either of the above recently, or can recommend somewhere to source the parts without unnecessarily inflated prices? I seem to remember there being some available via Amazon at some point, but I can't find the link now.

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I bought my clutch kit from CP4L (part of ECP) for a decent price 4 yrs ago without incident though I know others have experienced occasional issues with them.


The CP4L price in your link does look good. 


The LUK flywheel part number quoted on the eBay link indicates the correct part. Here's the LUK catalogue reference for the DMF:-

https://webcat.schaeffler.com/web/schaeffler/en_GB/PKW/16/1449/10300/6/415 0110 10_577/applicationSearch.xhtml?result=1539981722783&csc=1


Sachs clutch kit part number also looks good. Put your vehicle data into the Sachs web catalogue for confirmation:-



I also remember someone getting a stonking deal on a DMF via Amazon a year or two ago but definitely not available now.

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Thanks - that's really helpful. I'm still a little wary on the price but there's only one way to find out if it's legit! :lol:

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Have a look on amazon for sure. Clutch/DMF prices have shot up recently, they used to be circa £500 for the lot, now its £800 +. I managed to get a DMF for £300 off amazon a few months back but stock was very limited.

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