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£134,000 E39 M5 437 miles one owner

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Couldn't believe my eyes saw this article in Modern Classic, Gooding & Co sold at auction an E39 M5 with 437 miles on the clock in pristine condition for £134,000.  Whats the most you have heard or known an E39 to sell for lol.

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1 hour ago, duncan-uk said:

An escort rs turbo make 100k last year. 80s/90s seems hot property 


madness though!


Old Fords are getting strong money these days ....  one of the last Capri 280's went for over 100k last year with 1.800 miles.

 Limited numbers made and the fact Ford never bothered rust proofing them has resulted in very few left ( not counting  vin tag rebuild examples) 


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