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20 inch staggered wheels e60

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You'll need to be more specific with a number of aspects;


1. What kind of  design of wheel face are you after? cross spoke/mesh, 5,6,7 spoke? 9,10,11 spoke? multi spoke? 

2. Any preferred widths and offsets? 

3. 1, 2 or 3 piece? 

4. Any particular finishes?

5. Budget ?


If you have a preferred shortlist let me know if you wish and I can try and source a set for you. Between myself and a couple of other well known BMW enthusiasts around my way high quality/rare/sought after wheels are a specialty :)


Cheers, Dennis!


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59 minutes ago, Chu said:

As title says.. pref deep dish rear.nothing too cheap that will crack.


Any ideas re budget?


I can’t recommend the folks at BMAutosport high enough; personally, I’d start there ;)

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