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Saloon rear quarter window removal

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I will be fitting a full DG window set soon. Anyone replaced the small rear door windows, they are bonded in I spotted this removal tool kit on Amazon.




Looking at this stuff to re bond the new rear DG units.




If anyone has tackled this job, please post here. Thanks.






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It's a crappy job. I tried cutting with it with wire and had no joy. Gave up. 

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I cut the dg units out carefully with a scalpel, took hours but no damage. 

For the normal single glazed units I used an oscillating saw with a cloth as a pad which took them out in seconds, dont press hard and be aware that you're likely going to go through the little legs in the plastic frame, these set the glass depth when you bond the new glass in so either be very careful or get a pair of new frames. Bond bead is about a cm thick, starts and finishes at the rear of the door.


Here's my post about it: 


Take your time and you will be fine...

Hth :)

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