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535i Andrew

F10 535i N55 Engine air filter change DIY

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My F10 was recently serviced at BMW, oil change and microfilters. At the last service two years ago and 11,000 miles ago the engine air filter was changed. So I put a new one in myself today.


Tools needed

Flat blade screwdriver 

Torx T25 screwdriver.


Loosen the large jubilee clip at left hand rear corner of air filter cover and undo the six Torx screws in the cover, three each side. The screws are captive in the cover so you don't need to worry about them dropping out.





Lift up the cover from the front and allow it to rotate in the outlet duct.


Lift out the old filter and be prepared to clear out all the debris that gathers underneath it.




Old and new filters.




Push the new filter into the air box making sure it seals fully around the perimeter.




Lower the cover back down and tighten the six screws and the jubilee clip.


Took 5 minutes. New genuine air filter was £27.36 from my local dealer.





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I can think of only 1 thing wrong with your write up, there’s only YOU that’s got a F10 535i :ph34r: 


unless you've done it to remind yourself in 12 months? 


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