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ESS VT 560 Kit - question for SC owners

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ive just bought this kit and RK plenum plates

i knows this ESS kit has gone through several revisions.

is there anything to be aware of / any recommended improvements to this kit?

i was just thinking 50:50 methanol Injections, possibly an evolve plenum at some point. 

Is there anything else?

maintenance and supporting mods wise, my car is sorted.


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Its all plug & play, installation is simple enough to do, mine took about 6 > 7 hrs to fit.

Once you have it all stripped down replace all the vac pipes & hoses, they perish over time.


One thing you will notice with the ESS map is cold start drive-ability, if you try and drive it direct from cold start the engine RPM will usually hang around 2 > 2500 RPM & the drive becomes jerky as hell, fit the evolve plenum and the drive is even worse until it comes off cold start. Ideally you would want the Evolve map, cures all the cold start problems,apart from that fit it meth it & drive it


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19 hours ago, sayanthan said:

Basically get cold start software delete . 

Yes, but only available from Evolve when its mapped

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