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Chris Margetts

Free 351M Wheel (okay 30 quid)

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No I'm not crazy. I don't have my F11 anymore so this is kicking around the garage which I need to clear. I have a box and to ship it to someone in the UK it'll be about 30 quid. So in essence the wheel will cost you 30 quid... :)


It was a spare wheel that I ended up not using, it looks like it takes a lot of weights and the finish isn't great so you'd need to refurb it I'd say. Lepsons do a great refurb + straighten for about 100 quid so I recommend you do that. I've used them before and they do a great service and the wheels come back mint. Its not cracked or welded in anyway.


First one to direct message me gets it... (I think that works)





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