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Is changing a fuel filter a hard job?

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I need to change mine. I have the service manual which explains it. But I was just wondering if it's something that you can royally mess up and should only tackle it if completely competent?


I'm not too bad with a spanner or 2 but I wouldn't say I'm an expert....

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I don't think it's too bad a job, but as I didn't have access to a ramp I bought the filter and got the local garage to do it. The filter proved to be the wrong one which would have been a real pain for me as I'd have had to reinstall the old one whereas the garage just sent for the correct one.

Couple of videos on YouTube

You can see the difference between the two filters - original on the right.



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I agree with dj. There are DIY "how to's" out there. Find them and familiarise yourself with the process before starting. There's no need for a ramp either, a couple of axle stands will suffice. When I did mine I did not remove all the screws from the plastic panel/undertray to remove it either. I just undid enough of them to let it hinge/hang down from the center of the car to have access. 


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