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Style 65 - Square Set of Fronts

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Hi guys, 


Since I bought a second set of Style 65's with the intention of building a square set of rears, I have front's for sale. 


8J x 18" 


2x finished in a gloss black - Bought from Forum5 member Robo - in perfect condition

1x matt black - came with my M5, 6/10 condition

1x silver - bought from Robo again. 7/10 condition


Photos will be uploaded this evening/tomorrow as well as tyre brand/size/tread depth


Price: £300 o.n.o

location: Heathrow/West London - collection preferred, but can deliver within M25 for fuel costs and cake. 


Edit: Photos attached. i'm open to offers if people want the wheels, or even to buy one. the tyres have loads of tread. 


@DennisCooper any of the other wheels any good to you? My Paras may also be up for sale too ;) 

















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added photos of wheels.

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Hi NF,


I'll let you know on wheels and parts etc, I've got a few things on and they're all duly progressing. Once I also find out about some other aspects I'll be in touch !


Cheers, Dennis!

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3 hours ago, SplitBusVanatic said:

Would you package them up if I were organize a courier t pick them up. 

If we came to a deal on price. 




I don't see that being an issue. 


I'll have to find some boxes large enough and some packaging materials, but shouldn't be a problem. 

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On 9/26/2018 at 12:39 PM, The Flying Banana said:

drop them into heavy duty bin bags and a bit of cardboard over face .. easy taped up and sent )


This.  Easiest way - make sure you have loads of tape!

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Matt Black





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I've got plenty of black bags and cardboard. 


If you're still interested, PM me and we can arrange your collection. 



NF aka Deepan

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