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Nice E61 530i touring

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I’ve not read the ad completely but when they can’t spell straight correctly then I think the car will be a shitter! 

I would ask why they can’t spell straight correctly and wonder if their anti straight! And we can’t be having that type of stuff in this day and age! 

It takes me back to when I was in Compton and visited a convenience store (that’s the same as a sweet shop...) and I asked for a Twinkie and the big cloured gent behind the counter asked if I wasn’t from around here? To which I proceeded to tell him that he was indeed correct and I wasn’t! I don’t know how he knew but them  big coloured gents are like wizards! They have this magic white powder that they throw at you and you can’t feel your face! 

So long story short! 

You can buy the engine upgrades as long as you have adequate tweeters then the worlds your bucket! 


Cheers bigjay A.K.A Yokozuna ;) 





Ps please don’t turn into him......

posting cars now one wants! ;) :P 

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