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535i Andrew

Secondary trailer couplings.

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Law requires an unbraked trailer must have a secondary coupling. So in the event of the towball disengaging with the trailers hitch mechanism, there is a means of keeping the trailer effectively tethered to the car.


My trailer currently has one of these fitted to it.




The plate is bolted to the trailer and the wide loop end sits over my towball and around the neck but sits down on top of the trailer socket and it damages it with being rubbed against the socket.




The foam board is there to protect my bumper from fitting the loop of the coupling over the ball during hitching etc.


Now, thanks to a careless driver, I have a new bumper and a new towbar on my car.


The new towbar neck this time has a dedicated point to attach a carabiner from a braked trailers cable or a secondary coupling. I don't want to use my existing secondary coupling as I don't want to damage the new socket.




I have seen this type of secondary coupling




that has a hook style carabiner connection which I think will easily clip on to the loop integral with the new towbars neck, but none of that style of secondary couplings I've seen have a plate like my existing one to bolt it to the trailer. How would you fit that to your trailer?


Anyone know where I can get a secondary coupling like the one above but with a plate to allow me to bolt it to my trailer?





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I just use a break away line on my RR. The line is longer that yours and threads through the loop on the tow bar.


I see you have a similar loop on yours below the socket. That is where I'd loop my strap through which would stop damage.





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