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auto box :(

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had to call recovery today ............


I noticed a few instances over the last few days when it hesitated to shift on a light throttle on an incline.

Today 100 miles into a journey it decided to not shift above 3rd, then a few miles later got stuck at 2nd.

No noise or judder.

AA diag showed code 40 (pressure valve on trans).


SO ............... will an oil and filter change fix this or do I need to get the valve sorted as well ?


Sept '01 540i touring Auto. 162,000 miles.

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alas probably not


you need to call a decent auto gearbox specialist for advise


when the auto box in my 530D went south I rang pretty much everyone I could find on google and settled on getting him shipped the short 70 miles or so up to Roy and gang at planet gears Peterborough.



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Pretty much what I've done and got mixed responses. Can't find a local Indy who has done an oil change bit did find one who uses Bristol Transmissions.

Yesterday (when cold) the box worked perfectly and did for a gentle 30 mile drive around..................

So I have booked in on Thursday, a £200 gamble I guess so fingers crossed !

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