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Fitting 275/35/19" tyres on the rear of an F11

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Hi all.

I have just bought a re-conditioned set of 19" 351M alloy wheels for my F11 in ferric Gloss grey.

Hopefully will look good on a Black car.

The rear set are 9Js /offset of 44  and take a 275/35/19 tyre. The F11 would normally take a 245 tyre on the rear.


Has anyone had experience fitting a set of these to the rear? This size is normally put on the F10 I believe.

I have not received the wheels yet but am concerned that the inner tyre may be too close to the suspension airbag canisters.

The extra width will be on the inside rather than the outside i think having read a number of threads.

I may have to consider a wheel spacer of maybe 10 or 15mm.

Does anyone know if i will still have clearance in the wheel arch with a 15mm spacer? 

Don't want to damage the bodywork if the airbags go.


Hoping some one may have experience of this.




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Stick this in the relevant F11 tech section further down the home page @MOGGIEMANIA - you’ll get better coverage and answers then 


IMO sounds like you’re pushing it with the tyre sizes. However, look at the alloys offsets on both cars and you may get away with a tyre a size down, 265 instead of 275. Or, like you said, look at using spacers etc

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