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sourcing suspension and cooling parts - Advice!

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Hi All, December 2000 face lift e39 touring SE with SLS (530i) - it's on 150k and I've done loads to it, but have more plans!


Decided to keep the SE suspension spec as oposed to M-Tech or lowering it (I'll be putting some refurbed style 95 so may be crashy enough!). Asked Cotswold for quotes!


Font and Rear Shockers - £986.03

- Front Springs - £161.56

- Rear Air Springs - £489.36

- Front and Rear Top mounts - £206.02

- M5 Rear ARB - £205.43

- Rad Cap - £14.77

- Vent Hose - £30.36

- MAF - £303.56


Thought their pricing was ambitious - where can I find OEM quality shocks, air springs and top mounts from? I've got Myele HD front control arms to go on, also Myele rear bottom bushes (have fitted lemforder rear subframe bushes - thanks Ron). and I may poly bush the ARB to tighten it up a bit (ideally an M5 rear ARB but hard to find). Anything else I should do to refresh the suspension?


Recently done the CCV, Disa a while ago. I've sourced rocker cover that hadn't overheated and have a vanos kit with gaskets, etc. whilst I'm in there I'll do the cooling system and I've got Hella Viscous coupling and expansion tank - where can I source all the required hoses from and an expansion tank cap?


I'll be doing a whole bunch of other stuff, but really want my suspension and engine sorted - any help appreciated!!

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Sachs Super Touring dampers are OEM. Can be found from ebay. Lemförder top mounts are OEM.

Here is one good offer for front parts. https://www.bandel-online.de/fahrwerk/stossdaempfer/2x_sachs_stossdaempfer__domlager__staubschutzsatz_vorne_bmw_5er_e39_limo_touring_i102_111436_0.htm


Exactly the same front coil springs are impossible to find other than from BMW dealer because there are 3-4 spring variants according to additional equipment (axle weight).


M-sport ARB is thicker than SE and can be found more easily as a used part.


Rear air springs:


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Source your hoses and cap from wither C3BMW or BMWmotormec via eBay


Use RealOEM for the part numbers and then search eBay and buy from either of those sellers


A lot of use use/used them and they're very good resellers (Meyle, Febi, Walher, Behr, Lemforder etc)

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1 hour ago, 530nm said:

Clavurion - Are those prices correct?  219 Euros for the whole front end kit!!?


Yes. A friend of mine just bought a similar set for his E61 from this seller. All parts were Sachs like supposed to be.

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