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Nail in runflat.

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3 hours ago, golfpaul said:

Can these be repaired?


The nail is in the tread area...




Yes provided you haven't driven on the tyre with no air in it. I was lucky with mine and was able to swap it for a winter wheel so I didn't need to drive it on flat. If you drive them flat you damage the internals and that's what causes the tyre to be a right off.


See this post. Some good discussion on it too for guys on here.





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Cheers, I'd driven maybe 3 miles after realising the damage to the tyre.

Just checked the pressures, and both rears are 32psi which to me indicates the dameged one hasn't lost any pressure in the last 24 hours.

I know a good place near here so hopefully they can sort it.

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