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E61 530d DSC, AFS, Dynamic drive faults - desperation

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Hello all, 


I'm afraid I'm reaching the end of my tether with my E61. 

It came up with the age old DSC fault on the dash, I looked at some codes and forum threads seem to point at the steering angle sensor, I stripped it - cleaned it but there was no tell tale white build up like many seemed to show. 


I took it to my local indy this week and they re-coded every module, except DSC and Active Roll Stability. They seemed to think that I've got a poor connection somewhere resulting in poor CAN signal. 


Annoyingly my DIS isn't working at the minute, a mate came round who has DIS, we went through the key modules and he agreed - 3 error codes couldn't be cleared, one related to ARS - D1DD , the other on DSC 5E45 sensor. The other was F-CAN communication error. 


We attempted to re calibrate the ARS and DSC sensors, it wouldn't cal the DSC lat acceleration sensor, or the ARS front pressure sensor (rear sensor OK). 


I did swap out the DSC sensor however I did later realise that the sensor I bought was MM3.8, the one in the car is MM3.22 (does that mean it won't be compatible?)  


Current additional codes it keeps spitting out are CE94, CE95 which again talks about faulty receiver active steering, transmitter DSC sensor. 


Any ideas guys? I'm getting pretty desperate on this one..... 


Should I be looking through the loom/connectors for damage? Or have I missed something obvious in steering angle/DSC sensor? 


Thanks in advance, Ed


ps. When it works I do love the 530d!

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