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Android headunits

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Looking around for an android unit and quite like the look of these ones:




Has anyone had any experience with the Android headunits?  can't see any reviews for them. 


I'm not even sure what amplifier is in the car and whether or not it has DSP or whatever it's called.  Currently running half a headunit with a cassette adaptor which I hook on manually to the phone everyday (so 90's).  

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Hi 530nm,


The situation with these cheap chinese head unit's is pretty much the same it's been over the last decade or so they've been available, and that is that it's a gamble as if you get a unit that arrives working and remains working longer term, or, you get one which has issues ranging from niggly to dead on arrival. Such units then seem to get worse over time and new issues/problems present themselves. Support and help is very limited to non existent from the supplying dealer/bedroom seller and electronically, they're low grade/generic electronics that otherwise would've been used in cheap tablet PC's.


There's 'reviews' from those who've purchased over all the BMW forums, and they range from quite a number of owners who are happy to those who are very angry. I've known personally a few of the UK based companies who have tried previously to sell units here with a full UK warranty and trying to operate under UK consumer law. Each one now either doesn't sell them or have shut operating completely. 


If good quality for build and sound doesn't matter to you, you just want to use something in the car, not overly concerned with getting good after sales care / support, then perhaps take a gamble on one of these chinese units. The best place in the UK now to get one is via this company -




If you do get issues, at least they're in the UK and should offer you a replacement/refund etc. 


I'd suggest to remove the existing oem audio in the car and use new high quality speakers with a new head unit that you get, it's more of a headache if you want to try and 'patch' the new head unit into the existing OEM amplifier if you have one and/or the oem speakers which are mediocre at best and also the wrong impedance. 


Overall, my recommendation would be to spend a little more and get something like the just announced Kenwood DMX7018DABS unit which has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay built in, DABS digital radio, shallow depth so easy to fit without having to cut the cabin airbox, as well as being high quality in every aspect with local reputable dealers/installers. 


If you have any more questions about the 'high quality' route, feel free to drop me a PM to discuss if you like. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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Anyone looking for a good head unit solution I would highly recommend you take a good look at AudioTech Direct based in N. Wales. I recently bought their BM5839B, 7inch Android 8.0 unit for my 2003, 525i Sport for £289 delivered and it is a superb piece of kit. They supply the Eonon Chinese units built to their own specs. Very reliable, does everything you could possibly want and more. The customer service at ATD is excellent. Mine has the latest iGo sat nav maps, AM/ FM/ DAB radio. CD/ DVD/  TV. Bluetooth 4.0 hands free supporting Android & iPhone. WiFi internet & Google browser. Torque OBD2 App. Supports reverse cam. Custom start screen for that OEM look, I don’t like the “Disco” look of Sony, Kenwood, Alpine etc. Great sound improvement on standard speakers & nice equaliser. Simple to fit, plug & play and fully integrates with the cars Canbus system. All cables etc supplied. I can’t speak highly enough about ATD and the Eonon units, very highly recommended for the E39.


A nice 9 inch version is also available but does not have a CD player.




Here's my installation. After struggling for an hour to get the original BMW unit out, I had this in and up and running in 10 mins. A lovely fit. Very pleased indeed.




Custom BMW 'M' Start up screen for that OEM look  .... nice !


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