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Topaz E39 525d Sport

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Hello, I've been on here for around a year and have had my Topaz blue 525d for the same amount of time. It previously belonged to my uncle who bought it when it was 6 months old. The car was a motorway cruiser and has done a lot of miles.

It was given to a friend of his for around 3 years and in that period it wasn't really looked after, it is rusting a little everywhere. I'm trying to build a car that I can drive for at least a few years when I've finished University.

Its currently a range of different colours, Aegean blue front bumper, rear boot lid in a different E39 blue, and the front has been resprayed at some point.


The things I've done so far are:

Royals steering wheel

E38 Contours retrofit

E38 sliding armrest

Interior redye in cinnamon with extended door cards (halfway through)

New shocks all round

Amber angel eyes


I've still got the rust to deal with, wheels need to be refurbished, and a respray at some point.









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Must admit that the colour differences aren't evident from theses photos.


And circa 160k miles isn't a big deal, as long as it was maintained properly previously, so it should serve you well for a good few years yet. Good on you for doing this whilst at uni.

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I was meant to do a write up after finishing the seats but never got around to it. I'm back at uni now, so it's on hold till next year now. I will be driving it when I'm back home in the holidays. 

So front and rear seats were finished, the seat backs and E38 armrest were done in black. The only things left were the rear armrest and headrests, as I ran out of the clear. Hopefully, I'll get them done in December.

I did clean the car inside and out but forgot to take any pictures so all I have are the ones during the process.







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