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535i Andrew

A tale of woe about my F10's tail

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It went back into BMW on Monday for an overnight charge and power usage monitor. No fault found with either.


Tech checked everything wiring, fuses, modules etc inc battery which was spot on, can't figure out what's wrong with the towbar not locking into place. Apparently now the towbar doesn't lock when the engine is running. I've not checked myself.


Tech has raised a PUMA with BMW technical and is awaiting a response with what the next step is. They have asked BMW if they have come across this before with towbar after replacement but the chances of that will be slim I would think.


Short of it being another duff towbar but what are the chances of that? Not unheard of for a batch of a something to be faulty I suppose.


Meanwhile I got it back today.


I was told no cost to me as it's all under parts warranty now. Phew.

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They have admitted they are stuck which is why they have gone to BMW.


However unlike the bodyshop the dealer is keeping me fully informed and has stated they will resolve and at no cost to me.  Their stance is, "the towbar doesn't do what it should, so we need to fix it". 


The bodyshop basically told me to f&!k off. Yet to write their review......



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