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Transfer of Itunes library to USB.

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Hi Folks.


Firstly the main problem.  I am 16 going on 72 and still trying to figure out how the two empty cans attached by a length of string works!  In other words computer illiterate.


I purchased a BMW e60 530d (2004) recently and discovered this strange array of equiptment in the place where the cd multidisc player would have lived.  I would like to transfer my Itunes library to a usb stick and play it through the car via this set up. It is not a very big collection, just a couple of thousand songs.   I know I can do it using my old iphone 5 but would prefer not to.


Twofold question.  What is the procedure (for idiots) to carry this out and would the formats be the same or need to be converted.


Many thanks.


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Go to your iTunes library (wherever it is if you have a PC, but on a Mac it’ll be in iTunes library)


Insert your usb stick, format it to Fat32 and then drag 1 album to the usb stick from the iTunes library and then try that in the car and see if works


The music will be in M4A format iirc... So it may or may not read it


If it reads it & plays fine, just repeat the above until you’ve got what you want on your usb stick

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